Recruitment platform startup born at Oxford University. Rebranded to Capua.



Product strategy

UI design

Established in 2019 by Oxford alumni, VCH (Varsity Careers Hub) aims to connect students with compelling start-ups. They developed a network of job-seeking graduates and crafted a hub linking them with interesting employers.

The existing website was awkward and full of glitches, hence my attention was geared towards improving the system for both scholars and hiring firms.

In addition to product strategy I aimed at elevating our platform's scalability as part of a compact team. I crafted the first brand identity that was constantly evolving.

We collaborated intimately with our 20,000+ student user base on the platform where we constantly conducted research on the user experience while also observing competitors like Otta and other job recruitment platforms.

I initiated the transition from VCH to the new company name; Capua and developed their new brand identity.

I was employed on the VCH project for a year. While the mockups are openly accessible - full platform showcases are Capua’s intellectual holdings.

Students have access to the positions offered by organisations, including an overview, Glassdoor reviews, anticipated growth, and company news. They are then able to apply for the opportunities promoted by the organisation.

On the platform's employer interface, HR teams or recruiters can manage candidate data, job postings, and obtain analytics surrounding their corporate performance.

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