UX Case Study

The Organic Pharmacy

Beauty and wellness store established in London in 1997.




User Research

  1. Introduction

Enhancing The Organic Pharmacy's Digital Presence

The Organic Pharmacy is an iconic west London based health and beauty company with a legacy of over two decades.

They sought to revitalise their online platform and brand identity. Tasked with spearheading the complete overhaul of the company's website, we created the end-to-end journey - from initial research to design implementation.

Our team consisted of designers and a dedicated UX researcher as we embarked on a journey to deliver a user-centric solution while maintaining fidelity to TOP's established image.

  1. Discover

Competitor and user research

Service Safari

Conducted an in-depth analysis of competitors in the skincare industry including Augustinus Bader, Dr. Barbara Sturm and Drunken Elephant.

These were identifying as emerging sustainable and ethical brands with innovative website designs. We recognised our clients outdated website as a potential hindrance to online sales growth, and so worked to increase click-through-rate and shopping cart basket sizes based upon how competitors approached this.

User Research

Surveyed 35 individuals from different backgrounds, ages and genders to evaluate the existing website's user experience as well as competitor's sites.

We evaluated that a higher CTR could be attributed to:

  • No "fast" checkout option.

  • Unnecessary popups of adding items to cart.

  • No attention given to cart with items in it.

  • No option to add similar skincare products.

  1. Define

New design components

From our research we discovered several aspects to double down our designs on, giving our work the maximum impact.

  • Simplified navbar with fewer menu options to alleviate user overwhelm.

  • Removal of grey tones, replaced with a soft beige to enhance warmth while maintaining a clean clinical aesthetic.

  • Highlighted organic percentages to accentuate TOP's unique selling proposition.

  • Implemented a four-step skincare routine recommendation system tailored to users' skin types.

  • Adopted a serif font for a sense of luxury, aligning with industry trends.

  • Integrated Instagram feed on every page to leverage TOP's social media presence.

  • Incorporated design elements inspired by the flagship store's architectural features.

The recently opened Marylebone store above influencing the arches that were prevalent throughout the site.

  1. Develop

Our new look

We managed the translation of design concepts into actionable development tasks, ensuring adherence to TOP's brand ethos and addressing technical constraints of the existing e-commerce platform.

We ensured our components would have the following affect:

  • Streamlined checkout process to mitigate user drop-offs and drive cart conversions.

  • Increased multi-item checkouts through targeted promotions and recommended product combinations.

  • Enhanced analytics on newsletter sign-ups for more precise marketing strategies.

  • Deeper insights into visitor preferences via the four-step skincare routine finder.

  • Promotion of in-store events and promotions to drive foot traffic to TOP's newly opened stores.

  • Growth in social media following, particularly on Instagram and TikTok, facilitated by prominent integration across the website.

We also maintained regular communication with the client to solicit feedback and suggest new features, fostering a collaborative environment conducive to iterative design improvements.

The "Four Step Routine" component which lets users select their specific skin type or skin issue. The intention of this was to inform customers about the importance of the skincare ritual.

Four items - one for each stage of the routine is suggested. Users have the opportunity to personalise their ritual by selecting diverse items and to add the whole routine to their cart.

  1. Deliver

Growth and conclusion

Professional Growth
  • Collaboration and User Testing: Recognized the importance of working with others and conducting thorough user research. Collaborated with a product design graduate to strengthen research capabilities and rationalize findings.

  • Proficiency in Figma Prototyping: Developed proficiency in Figma, leveraging its prototyping capabilities and mastering complex animations to create interactive mockups.

  • Collaboration with Developers: Overcame challenges posed by the e-commerce platform's limitations, collaborating closely with developers to ensure seamless implementation of design solutions.


The redesign of The Organic Pharmacy's website represents a holistic approach to enhancing user experience and driving online sales growth. By aligning design decisions with user preferences and industry trends, the revamped website is poised to elevate TOP's brand presence and facilitate a more engaging, intuitive shopping experience for customers.

For a dynamic version of the website, Figma files and comprehensive user insights, please reach out.

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