The Organic Pharmacy

Iconic organic beauty and wellness store established in London in 1997.




User Research

Tools used:

Founded in 2002, The Organic Pharmacy is a prominent name in the luxury health and beauty sector. They operate 5 outlets in London and their merchandise is available globally.

35 individuals from diverse backgrounds were surveyed to evaluate the previous website. We identified the key issues preventing users from converting and utilized these insights for our first mockups.

I was responsible for all the design choices, taking care of the complete process from beginning to end, while supervising a UX designer mainly concentrating on research.

Our concentration was on refreshing the brand by eliminating grey tones, introducing a serif typeface, and orchestrating photoshoots to emphasize the eco-friendliness of our products.

The project spanned six months where we conducted in-depth studies, data assessment, and competitor brand aesthetics.

The USP was the component we designed was the "Four Step Routine" component which lets users select their specific skin type or skin issue. The intention of this was to inform customers about the importance of the skincare ritual.

Four items - one for each stage of the routine is suggested. Users have the opportunity to personalise their ritual by selecting diverse items and to add the whole routine to their cart.

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