Career guidance app for university and school students.

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User Research

Tools used:

Ikigai Data functions as a vocational direction social network platform for individuals aged 18 to 26, assisting them through one of the most intimidating phases of their life - deciding on a profession.

I was entrusted with the task of crafting the user profile area - the pivotal point of the platform. The objective was to furnish the user with a medium where they could communicate their thoughts without fear of criticism. My proposal was to facilitate this via an assortment of optional components that can be switched between private and public.

An MVP of the application has been introduced to numerous universities throughout the UK. I conducted interviews with representatives to determine the elements and design of the application to be implemented.

A significant learning outcome from the interviews would be that users not only want to articulate their academic prowess but also desire a platform where they can share their personal victories beyond the typical self-promotion seen on LinkedIn.

The entire initiative demanded about half a year, with blueprints evolving as my knowledge grew with feedback from current users and scholars across the UK.

The Personal Achievement aspect enables users to catalog any accomplishment they find significant.

Photos in all sections were imperative as they are a key form of expression and recounting memories.

Users can customize their experience by adding or removing components.

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