AI powered creative analytics SaaS start up used by Fortune 500 companies.




Product operations

Product strategy

Full time role - work under NDA.

CreativeX is a B2B SaaS start up based in New York and London. It uses AI to analyse ads on social media and gives it a creative quality score. Using the tool boasts a 34% increase in brand lift and 49% increase in sales and hence lead to us closing our Series B funding round in 2022.

The dashboard was used by myriad media agencies, brand groups, and platform collaborators globally, so it was crucial to design an interface that remained user-friendly across diverse cultures and markets.

As part of the product team - we designed the UX of the platform including optimising end to end user journeys, design systems and defined the creative guidelines.

My primary emphasis was on enhancing the customer induction process where thousands of global users were onboarded.

As a creative expert I liaised product initiatives for PepsiCo, Nestlé, Diageo, Colgate Palmolive among others.

I have held product lead position at CreativeX full time since September 2021.

Due to the confidentiality of the projects, work is not publicly available. Please reach out for further information.

After brainstorming within the design team, we sketched ideas on paper to show the icon in situ.

Here we observe the genesis and evolution of the proposed icon for the menu item, "Production Efficiency".

When creating the design system for the dashboard, we designed icons for each menu item.

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